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In the event that you do not repay us on a loan, you will not be permitted to borrow from us again until such time as you have repaid your outstanding delinquent loan. In addition, your file, including all delinquency information regarding your delinquent loan, will be sent to a third party collection agency.

We only use reputable collection agencies that comply with all prevailing best and lawful collections practices. If a loan is not repaid in full by the loan's due date, it will be considered delinquent and will be classified as non-payed.

In such cases, the file associated with that loan will be sent to a third party collection agency. The borrower who did not repay his or her loan will have this default reported to a credit agency. The borrower's credit rating may be affected negatively. We do not automatically renew loans. If a customer wished to receive a new loan from us, he must first repay any existing loans. What is a Payday Loan?

This legislation will also better protect those with debts in collection. There are several agencies that outline consumer rights in Ontario, including Consumer Protection Ontario, "awareness program from Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and other public organizations, known as administrative authorities, that promote consumer rights and public safety.

In February the province is attempting to revoke the licence of Edmonton -based Cash Store to operate in the province due to violations of the Act. In , the Province of New Brunswick implemented new regulations and a regulatory framework for licensing payday lenders. However, it appears that a payday loan industry exists in Newfoundland and Labrador, with the provincial prosecutors determining "the prosecution of those offences was not in the public interest.

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