Payday lender gets what’s due… from the FTC

If you think someone stole your personal information and used it to get a loan, visit IdentityTheft. Claiming I owe this amount or that amount,I will be arrested tomorrow, contact an attorney,etc. I suffer from a lot of mental illnesses and I do not need these brutal phones calls just confirming that what I feel inside isn't false. Winston and Strawn Law Associates Fake 1. Not only do they charge very very high interest rates they now resort to these practices. Besides every real collector I owe is on my credit report,and I do know for a fact whether its mine or not.

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Every few years I get calls regarding payday loans. I had one that was paid back within days since money was flying out of my checking acct. within one day o The Westgate Group is a full service Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Advisory service. In addition, our Commercial Real Estate Division provides commercial real estate brokerage services to commercial property owners and Investors. We serve clients locally, nationally and internationally. Our clients are individual investors, owners  · Payday loan scams and bankruptcy: both have become a problem over the last few years as they can get pretty nasty and very

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I had one that was paid back within days since money was flying out of my checking acct. Was told they keep selling this over and over and it would only go away if I paid. I doubt paying or even going to court would keep them from reselling. I've been out of TN for over 10 years, but the PA court system declared it identity theft the last time around. Tried to coerce me to pay for a loan that I never heard of. Threatened to have a Civil summons served on me. I received a message from a Rhonda Nocho telling me that I will be served a papers for me to be arrested because I am not paying a payday loan to Westgate I have never taken a payday loan with these people!

They are not answering the phone when I try calling them back!! I have received calls from two companies and they both are saying I took loans and never paid them back. They ask me to verify the last four of my social which they already say to me beforehand give em an address I have never lived at in a year I've never lived at in Fl.

The won't give me any case number or anything just repeatedly ask if I would like to resolve this out of court then state they will put it on a hold for 30 days or 24 hours the second time i spoke to them. They say charges of Felony charges will be brought against me for intent to defraud a financial institution and Theft by deception.

I was told four different years, , then , then in each year I was homeless as well. I was not self employed as they claim or employed at all for that matter. I was couch surfing or in homeless shelters and in I wasn't even in Florida. Midland Financial and Mid Asset Management do not exist.

Midland Funding is a large corporation and they collect their own debts and do banking. They work with businesses. This time I wasn't in tears though. Thy are called United Recovery and they say I took out a loan of from Westgate Group which also does not exist. This is from the same year in in which I was homeless and not living in Fl. Mike J Anderson Miriam Favour Loans 1. Money and more 1. N National Cash Advance 1. National Pay Day Loan 1. Neil Thomas 1. O Oak View Law Group 1. Oak Wood LLC 1.

Online Advance LLC 3. P Paul Vincent - 1. Pay Day Advance Aero Financial 1. Payday Loan America 1. Pdl affirmation scam 1. Power Credit Solutions 1. Pretends to be First Financial Bank 2. Pretends to be from Citi Bank 1. Q Quantom financial group 1. R Regional Litigation 2. Regional Litigation Firm 1. Regional Litigation Service 1. S Sanderson Blaine Associates Fake 7. Scam by 1.

Scam using GreenDot Prepaid Card 3. T The Office of Atlantic 1. United Credit Debt Council Inc 1. United Loan Co 1. I said ok well this call is being recorded and I will be forwarding it my lawyer whilst we are on the line.

He hung up so damn fast hahaha. I'm getting the same thing done to ke. Every few months and I know we haven't took a loan from these people. They can't give me any information. I received two threatening emails today as well, saying I was going to be sued. Threatening they would contact my employer, etc. I never had a payday loan with this company but they had the last 4 of my social and the last 4 s of my old checking acct. I believe that a company I once used has sold my information to these scammers.

Called my lawyer and they called them back he was stuttering be on the look out for phone number Adam Plevik or Paul Newkirk. You can file a complaint and report your experience at ftc. Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters. You can also forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the Federal Trade Commission at spam uce.

Be sure to include the complete spam email. I had the same issue with a green pay day lender saying the i must pay after they already taking 95 dollars and not refunding me and requesting more prior to release the loan.

The IRS will send a notice in the mail, it will be certified and often times require a signiture if you owe money to them. You can always call the IRS as well. These people have been calling me! A little under a month ago, these debt collectors started calling me and my family saying I had to pay them a debt, or I would have to go to court, and pay for all the court fees too. I never took out this debt, I didn't even have my credit card till June.

How do you make these people go away? I called them and they said no I just was paying on the interest that it has to roll over 3 times until paid,,This was several years ago, to this day I get different collection agency's calling me saying they have a suit against me, but it is not on my credit report..

You have to send them a letter asking them in writing to stop calling you. Find out what are your rights when dealing with debt collectors in this article. Great to see someone protects the people! Need to find out how credit union's can charge fee's when you put money in when they open and they say funds were withdrawn at 5am!

If you can't put money in until 8am no one should be able to take it before 8am! The changing of time causes a fee then a domino effect of more fee's! Not only do they charge very very high interest rates they now resort to these practices. When is this all going to end Lock up the executives and throw away the keys!!!!!!! I had this happen to me exactly how the legal brief states. The sight looked official and listed testimonials of actual banks that you would normally be familiar with so I filled out the online application and it required that I provide a bank account to continue with the process.

I automatically denied the loans and thought that was the end of it. Later that day I received an email stating that they would call to confirm the information for the loans.

I thought to myself ok I will let them know when they call that I declined the loan online and that would be the end of it. I emailed the contacts back and told them I declined this and never approved this.

They told me that they had already made the deposit and they would retract the money. I advised them I am not paying any interest. I asked how long it would take and she said it would occur Mon or Tues of the following week.

I waited 2 weeks then closed my account after some research. I soon found out that they didn't make an effort to debit the account when they said they would much later. I was not provided with any information other than email to make arrangements to pay off the debt plus the interest at that point. I was later contacted by a company that I made arrangements with but they wanted a check account number to debit for payment.

I told them they could debit a prepaid card I refuse to give anyone else my account no. I received a paid in full letter in Since then I have been contacted by 4 additional companies wanting payment for the same accounts but a different company name with the most recent one trying to collect for a Canyon Creek LLC I have never heard of these people.

They threatened to serve me with papers and would not accept the paid off letter as the other 3 companies had done. Which is under investigation by the FTC I am tired of having to go through this over and over again. If I receive any letters for a judgement at my home or work I am going to be livid after finding all of this information out about this unscrupulous company. Please report your experience at ftc. Thank you for the information.

I have filed a complaint with the federal consumer finance group as well as my local attorney general's office. I'm getting a call saying he's a police officer a warrient will be issued for me the attorney general is saying I owe to a loan place I don't no anything about it I need help.

It sounds like the call is from a fake collector. A fake can get some of your personal information, to make himself sound convincing, but he's still a fake. Some signs of a fake collector:. I hope these comments do not reflect the current state of our educational system or we are in a lot of trouble.

How do we expect the FTC to provide solutions when they are unable to understand what the issue is in the first place. Please fellow citizens, help make better use of FTC resources starting with complete sentences. If we can provide the FTC with clear and concise messaging, they will become a greater tool for the people.