Government urged to tackle payday lending, consumer lease 'sharks'

If you fail to make a payment when due, as set out in this contract, then late payment fees must be paid. Well, why not try a swift Fast Easy Loan instead? As pressure ramps up on the Government to take action against payday lenders, take a look at how the industry works. You agree we may transfer, or assign, our rights under this Contract without your consent, provided we reasonably believe you will not suffer any material detriment from the transfer or assignment. Typically, some verification of employment or income is involved via pay stubs and bank statementsalthough according to one source, some payday lenders do not verify income or run credit checks.

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Payday loans in Australia are part of the small loans market, which was valued at around $ million a year in the 12 months to June [1] The growth of this market mirrors the growth in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The federal government’s inaction on payday loans is allowing unscrupulous lenders to continue to exploit vulnerable Australians, consumer advocates say. The federal government last year committed to strengthening protections for consumers from payday loans, a form of high-interest cash advance provided by companies such as Cash Converters. The Politics of Payday Lending Regulation in Australia and access to credit).4 The Enhancements Bill was subsequently amended and the fi nal version, as passed by Parliament in August as the Consumer Credit Legislation Amendment (Enhancements) Act (Cth), with its reduced protections for payday loan borrowers, indicates that the campaign undertaken.


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