How to Get Out of a Payday Loan

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How to Get Out of the Payday Loan Trap

What are your rights with a lender?

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Also, where do I go ref 1st Stop - negotiating with them. Clearly they don't want to negotiate, leaving me with an untenable position. I personally think you're going to have to be honest with the IVA company and let them know whats happened, the worst case scenario would be a breach which cannot rectified and therefore the IVA is ended.

How much are we talking about with the payday lender 1st Stop finance? How do we help at DebtWizard? Many thanks for replying. Firstly, the IVA was a 5 year plan with the intention of remortgaging after 4 years. If there was sufficient equity in my property after remortgaging, this would have allowed the IVA to complete early.

As it was, the housing market has deterioated and I wasn't able to remortgage, so the IVA was extended to complete after 6 years. Even though I wrote to them with my offer, they have point blank refused, have continued to add interest and charges, and as far as I know, have carried on trying to debit my card.

I have been open and honest with the IVA company in the hope that they will be sympathetic. I really dont want this to fail, especially as this is due to end September this year. You will be given a period of time to remedy the breach, if you have not done so by that then they can fail your IVA. It would be such a shame for your IVA to fail at this late stage, is there any chance you can borrow the money off family to repay the loan? I replied to their letter yesterday and am awaiting their reply to this.

None of my family have the money to lend me, hence trying to negotiate with 1st Stop. The best outcome would be for the IVA company to allow me to negotiate with 1st Stop. Problem is that 1st Stop have ignored all requests for negotiating payment.

I would much prefer to negotiate with the IVA as well to try and prevent a Notice of Breach being issued, but I realise time is against me.

Re your IVA, I am pleased that you are being honest and upfront with your IVA supervisor and as it has been going for so long I feel it would be rather harsh for you to be served with a non compliance certificate. A possible way forward is to suspend your IVA and utilise the monthly IVA payments to clear the payday loan, obviously this will need to be sanctioned by your IVA company first.

How much a month do you pay into your IVA? In adopting the TCF principle we recognise that fair treatment of our customers is about adding value to the service we provide by aiming to: Protect the interests of customers at each stage of the product life cycle, from promotion right through to after sales service. Meet as best we can the unique needs of each customer by offering a transparent, efficient and professional service. Constantly reviewing our service to identify areas for improvement.

Q What credit check did they do and what affordability check was carried out to see if you could afford the loan? Obviously neither was done otherwise you would have failed on both counts and they would not be able to advance the loan.

So read up on the above and get to know your consumer rights with Payday loans, this may help you in your endeavours. I have drafted a letter to 1st Stop with help from the information you have given me. They also must consider stopping all interest and charges so as not to build up the loan to an unrepayable level.

If they do, then the charges become unfair and unlawful. I have been asked to provide, proof of rent increases and my partners details with losing her job as this affected our income. Do I have to provide this information?

I dont want to give them personal information like, bank statements, my partners previous employment info etc. Is this request going against the data protection act? I am happy to complete an income and expendature form but they seem to need more proof. Is it worth letting them default my account? I am not sure weather this will then be handed to a 3rd party DCA or they will go straight to court. From what the guy has written it looks as if they would take court action straight away which is quite quick from previous experience.

Any help would be much appreciated. Has anyone used these guys before?? The only thing they are allowed to see is a very simplistic income and expenditure form in the style of: Credit card 1 - Credit card 2 The only person who has any right to see more is a judge. A pdl definitley does not have any right at all to see ANY of what they asked for.

They're breaking the data protection act for just asking. As for court, they can't use a court as a first means if debt collection on an unregulated debt. They're just trying to scare you into paying up what they demand. It is also unlawful for a creditor to break ranks with other creditors and attempt to renege on their DMP agreement.

If you need help or a template letter, don't hesitate to post back. Originally Posted by renegadeimp. As above, do not provide any personal info to a creditor.

Since you have not responded to my previous e mail dated 4th April at I will give you until 4pm today to provide the appropriate proof. Failure to do so will result in your account being defaulted which will give you two weeks to pay the balance in full prior to court action.

If your account is defaulted then the possibility of setting up any payment plan will no longer be available. Any advise on how I should respond? They also cannot use the courts as a first line of debt collection.

Any judge worth their salt would ask the claimant for proof that they have investigated other methods of collection, such as DCA's, solicitors etc. Give me a few and i'll write up a letter for you.

By asking you for personal information which they are not entitled to and is covered by the DPA? You can send one, but only send it if you are sure of all aspects of the letter.